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Empowering Families

Family Tailored

At Pediatric Therapy Studio, we empower families to create lasting change through in-home ABA therapy.   Our family-centered approach to  treatment is individualized to your family’s needs, driven by data, and grounded in applied behavior analysis.

During the in-home therapy session, your child’s ABA therapist will help your child learn new skills, guiding the therapy session towards positive outcomes using objective measurements. Our professional behavior therapists will regulate positive and negative behaviors in ways that are relevant to each individual and his or her environment for ongoing, immediate feedback. They will help them adjust to their daily schedules and help develop their independent living skills.

Family-centered treatment enables parents and caregivers to become better equipped to build nurturing relationships with their child, teach their child complex skills within the context of daily routines, and learn to respond effectively to challenging behaviors.

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Learning to Learn

In-home ABA therapy takes advantage of your child’s natural environment.

Teaming up with your family improves outcomes.   We understand the importance of the role that family members play in a young child’s life since they’re the most constant and important teachers. Our treatment team will provide the majority of your child’s direct service hours and will build a strong working relationship with your family.

The implementation science of ABA requires treatment to be both effective and individualized. Your child's treatment team continually makes data-based modifications to ABA treatment plans to maximize the child’s progress.

At Pediatric  Therapy  Studio, we teach children the foundational skills they need for future learning. Skills such as imitation, functional communication, attention, tolerance, and waiting will set the stage for achieving more developmental goals. 

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